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Ok. First of all, it's just wrong to eat horses. They help us in many ways, including being our friends. Second, I watched a humane society video about it.

It told exactly what they do to the horses. Perhaps this will inspire you. (I suggest not watching it unless you're not squeamish in front of blood.) https://community.hsus.org/campaign/FED_2007_horseslaughter_notcosponsor

It's wrong to kill horses for meat! And the way they do it!
I would like you to sign to make transportation of horses to the slaughterhouses ILLEGAL.

To convince you a little bit more: there are horse thieves. They steal horses and pack them in the trailers off to the slaughterhouse. Then, thanks to the thief, your horse is being eaten by someone in Belgium or France. (aka they eat horses that belong to Americans)

Please, if you can just sign this petition, it would be great. Take horses off the European menus.

Please help 100,000 horses per year by simply signing!

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