#Animal Rights
To stop the slaughter of horses.

Have you ever thought of what happens after the race?

In the horse racing industry it’s not about horses, it’s about people and money. Approximately 2,000 tonnes of horse meat is exported for human consumption each year and over 40,000 horses are slaughter in Australia alone.

Also this meat is not being exported to countries where there are starving people with few options. It is being sent to wealthy countries that consider horse meat to be a “delicacy”.

How do they kill them? An employee comes into what’s called the “kill room” and holds a pressurized gun called a "captive bolt pistol" up to the horse's forehead and shoots a 4-inch piece of metal about the size of a roll of quarters into its brain.

Why do they get sent to be slaughtered? Many race horses are sent to be slaughtered if there owners decide that they don’t want them anymore. Not only that but if they have some sort of a long term injury (Possible Broken leg) that most of the time can be healed over a period of time.

Instead of this the owners could arrange for them to be put on some sort of a retirement paddock where they can be paddock horses for the rest of their lives.

We need this to stop! Horses are just getting slaughtered and the main reason is because of the races.

We'd like to get enough support so people start to realise what is happening.

If you sign, I thank you very much.

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