#Animal Rights
Horse slaughter houses

Through history horses rode with us through the war and the hard times we have. Now it is time of cars and horses are slaughtered. This needs to end it isn't right.

How would you feel if you were doing great and than you made one mistake. For that you were put in a trailer that was very crowded in very hot or very cold weather without food water nothing. Than you meant your destination and you can smell the smell of death in the air. You are put in the deathbox than you die a bleeding slow painful death.

No horse should have this kind of death it extremely inhumane. For what these animals did for us this is how we repay them by a slow painful death. We were lucky that we even tamed them.

horses have been giving us their loyalty and respect and this is how we repay them.

Thank you for reading.

Please sign! End the abuse and slaughtering. End the slow painful deaths.

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