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Even now, horse slaughter still continues with over the border plants and foreign-owned plants in the US.

Many horses are transported for miles in cramped quarters with poor food and water conditions. Horses are killed by first being stabbed in the back, which paralyzes them. Then they are strung up and cut up, sometimes while still awake. Or, often times they are shot in the head with a gun.

This is not a humane practice! Many healthy, fine horses are shipped there such as pregnant mares, foals, and geldings. Horse slaughter is not necessary! Such cruelty for a delicacy! It is even not healthy for humans, because the medicine given to horses is harmful to humans. Don't allow such abuse. No creature on Earth deserves this!

Stop horse slaughter today and sign this petition!
(photo source: http://www.paultippingphotography.co.uk/images/gallery_image/medium/horse_eye.jpg)

We, the undersigned, call on the US government to eliminate inhumane horse slaughter.

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