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United Kingdom

The Home Office are cutting 8,500 jobs over the next four years.

PCS, the largest trade union in the civil service, has launched a campaign against the job cuts to protect members' jobs and the services they deliver.

As the Home Office gears up to make these massive job cuts, its senior managers are trying to silence any signs of workplace dissent by victimising union reps.

Two senior PCS reps, Mark Hammond and Sue Kendal have been sacked for unsubstantiated allegations relating to a satirical newsletter.

The union believes the Home Office seized on the opportunity to conduct a biased and unbalanced investigation and dismissed them, despite a lack of evidence.

PCS are therefore calling for their reinstatement and an end to victimisation of all union reps.

We the undersigned oppose the cuts programme in the Home Office and support all PCS representatives within the Home Office who have been victimised, disciplined and dismissed for standing up for the rights of PCS members.

We believe that such actions on behalf of the Department are an unprincipled attack on the Union and are an attempt to undermine the PCS campaign to prevent their programme of cuts in jobs, allowances and pay.

We therefore call upon management to reinstate the PCS representatives they have disciplined, stop their campaign of union-busting and work towards proper industrial relations based on negotiation and consent.

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