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Back on 05/12/2011 a majority of us received letters from the Village Parks Homeowners Association stating that they were collection dues for the past two to three years. However to most who have lived here know that the presence of an HOA has not been here for the past two to three years.

No evidence of an HOA or improvements by an HOA have been mad to this community. Front entrance and yards to many homes have not been taken care off and have caused and increase in crime. Due to multiple foreclosures and lack of enforcement of rule and regulations of the HOA this community has diminished. Also a majority of us homeowners never received deeds at closing on our homes. So rules and regulations have never been made clear.

We feel that you the new management that took over in October, 2011 and barley visited this community May 17th, 2011 are trying to re-coop what the old management was said to be owed, but did not deserve.

We, the undersigned, call on the Village Parks Homeowner association to eliminate debt that was owed to old management company due to breach of contract on there side and only collect the 175.00 that is due from this point on with budget for each year at time of billing.

We also call that the deed and budget of how all moneys have been allocated be turned over as well. Also we call that the homeowners association be turned over to the community once the community is stable.

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