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DeKalb County Board of Commissioners
United States of America

Arrowhead Investors, LLC, has applied for high density rezoning of 12.55 acres along Valley Brook Road to tear down 15 homes and build 83 townhomes and single-family homes (density of 6.67 units per acre).

Adding such high density is too much for Valley Brook Road and the neighboring communities to bear. We are concerned for our families’ safety and welfare with the additional 166+ cars on this 530-foot stretch of road and the additional stress on our already stretched water, sewer, and road infrastructure. Also, such high density does not sustain the cozy, tree-lined character of the neighborhood we are so thankful to live in.

As proud citizens of DeKalb County, we want to see our neighborhood grow and thrive through smart, sustainable development. This proposal does not help us do that.

Denial of this high density rezoning will allow the Valley Brook Road community time to develop a long-term plan that aligns with DeKalb County’s vision for the future and keeps the best interests of the entire community in mind.

We, the undersigned, call on the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners to deny the application of Arrowhead Investors, LLC (Case # Z-18-22138) to rezone 12.55 acres of property along Valley Brook Road from R-75 to RSM.

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