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Residents of Hermosa Beach, CA and surrounding beaches
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The homeless situation in Hermosa Beach, CA. is out of hand as evidenced in the Easy Reader article of March 5, 2009. Our city has become a haven for the homeless and is is unacceptable.

Homeless from all over the U.S.A. are coming here as Hermosa Beach has become known as a "cool place where the police do not hassle you" and you can live and "be a proud Hermosa local." There are over 35-40 homeless sleeping under the Pier each night, under Vons Parking lot in the parking structure, and on the Green Belt. During the day, they are sleeping on the wooden benches (on Pier Plaza) while all their belongings are piled on the benches along Pier Plaza. They are loitering in front of stores which scare shoppers and tourists and this directly effects the economy, beauty, and safe feeling that Hermosa Beach residents moved here for. The homeless panhandle and frighten tourists and residents alike.

Business owners are concerned about the disruption to their businesses, on top of the bad economy, and many residents are avoiding coming to Hermosa Beach to shop and eat. On top of that issue, there are health and safety concerns as many of the homeless "are caked with urine and poop", carry weapons, and drink 24/7 (along with doing illegal drugs). Starbucks has cited issues where the homeless drive their clients away as their bodily smell is so intense. This is a health disaster waiting to happen.

Our facilities are also being used by the homeless (i.e: paramedics, fire dept., police, etc..) where these facilities, and funds, should be used for other reasons by the taxpayers of the city. And paramount to this issue is the fact that businesses are complaining, moving out, and probably will never return.

Many residents have sent letters to the City Council stating their concerns with requests to enforce loitering laws and change of the City Council members.

This problem needs to be addressed and acted upon as the taxpaying residents did not buy their homes here to live in the city known as "the haven for the homeless." It is a heart wrenching problem across America but, here in Hermosa Beach, this problem has grown to be out of control. It is only a matter of time before a resident or tourist is stabbed (as in the tragedy of the woman on The Strand in the 1980's that was stabbed and killed by a homeless man), robbed, and/or assaulted. On top of that, more businesses may move out, diseases can potentially be spread, and consumers may avoid the area entirely. Changes must be made now.

The taxpayers and residents of Hermosa Beach, Ca are asking that bi-laws and the approaches concerning the homeless situation in our town be changed immediately.

It has become a health concern, safety concern, business disruption, and a law suit waiting to happen to Hermosa Beach. The safe and friendly feeling that Hermosa has been known for in the past is slowly slipping away.

We, the residents and taxpayers, know that the homeless situation is only going to grow due to the economic situation, and although our hearts go out to these unfortunate people, we feel that changes need to be made immediately. It is up to our city council and police to remedy this problem before a catastrophic situation occurs. Laguna Beach has just enacted new laws. Manhattan Beach and Hollywood Riviera do not seem to have this problem. Hermosa Beach needs to step up their vigilance in this area to aviod future law suits involving this problem which could potentially bankrupt the city. Changes need to be enacted now as we no longer want to be known as the town that is the "haven to the homeless."

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