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Haystack Golf Course has launched a commercial event center, Haystack Hearth in 2017, disrupting the quality of life in the area. Haystack Hearth is operating in a single family residence, in a residential home and backyard, 100' from our home & neighborhood without consideration of the negative impact on neighboring residents. Excessive noise and partying crowds have impacted the peace & tranquility of the neighborhood and personal rights to enjoy our property.
Haystack Hearth is claiming they are "grandfathered-in" (this is a NEW commercial business launched in 2017) to hold massive weddings/events (400+ people), using existing Haystack "Golf Course" Tavern liquor license at the single home residence located at 5877 Niwot Road. Haystack was previously issued a liquor violation in 2018 based on an investigation launched by CO State Liquor Board in response to complaints made against Haystack's new expanded business, Haystack Hearth. In addition, Haystack has an open violation (record ZON-18-0149) going on with Boulder Zoning for non-permitted construction threatening their non-conforming status.

Haystack Hearth:

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Noise Ordinance:

Colorado State Liquor License:

Boulder County Zoning Code Enforcement: (Case #ZON-18-0149)

We, the undersigned, are AGAIN (previous petition on 5/2019) calling on Boulder County Zoning, Boulder County Liquor Licensing, the Boulder County Sheriff Department and the Colorado State Liquor Board to:

Cease and desist Haystack Hearth, newly created commercial business, from continuing business at the single family residence of former resident Lois Ebel at 5877 Niwot Road.

Our property rights have been ignored for over two years and the commercial venue, Haystack Hearth, has been allowed to operate in a single family residence and connecting backyard, using Haystack Golf Tavern liquor license, with sound system setups for live bands, less than 100 feet from a neighborhood. The continued excessive noise and disturbance of the peace has continued despite repeated complaints, liquor and zoning violations.

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