#Animal Welfare
State Senator Clarence Nishihara
United States of America

Feral cats have been co-existing with the environment for 10,000 years. Only now are we seeing a movement in Hawaii to inhumanely eradicate cats due to misinformation spread by uneducated albeit well meaning wildlife enthusiasts.

Despite sensational headlines, it's a myth that cats are the reason for species population decline. Studies agree that human activities as well as climate change, habitat destruction, construction and pollution are the real culprits when some bird populations decline. That's why killing cats will never save birds.

Please take the time to fully educate yourself before you vote on this bill and read the facts which you can find here : www.alleycat.org

In addition to this something called the "Vacuum Effect" will prevent an eradication programme from being effective. There are many many cats. The cost to the state will be very high in not only dollars but bad publicity. Do you think tourists want to come to a state that is slaughtering kitty cats "by any means necessary". The vacuum effect means when you remove cats from an area cats from adjacent areas will move over to that location. You will always be eradicating cats. The job will be endless. In addition prepare to spend a lot more taxpayers money on rodent extermination. So if this is your plan you need to prepare for years and years of killing cats. Do you plan to take my taxes so I can pay to have baby kittens poisoned, shot or hunted by dogs? This again is not what will bring people to Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii has failed these animals by neglecting to provide adequate education for pet owners and implementing and enforcing laws to prevent abandonment. Now their solution is to eradicate the animals. Is there no guilt? There are many responsible colony caretakers who have been doing the county's and states job for them for years by taking on the personal responsibility of controlling populations. It is humans that have created the over population of cats by being irresponsible owners and dumping, abandoning, and casting off owned animals to become free roaming.

Say NO to SB2450 and allow responsible colony caretakers to humanely control the populations of animals they are so invested in having donated thousands of manpower hours and personal funds to solve this problem.

We, the undersigned, call on Senator Clarence Nishihara to stop the Hawaii SB 2450 : Aimed At Killing Feral Cats "By Any Means".

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