#Civil Rights
United States of America

This petition protects any man who wants to walk around in public or drive.

Police and politicians have made it hard on young men to just walk down the street without getting harassed.

Everyone who dress nice or clothes are baggy do not sell drugs. A group of guys together do not mean they are gang bangers or looking for trouble.

Stopping people for no reason, putting them in handcuffs for entertainment purposes, and interrogating them for an extra dollar because they are bored is an abomination. It is immoral.

It is against our constitution and against our civil rights. Authorities are must have probable cause to stop and search. It is not against the law for a young man to walk around.

We the undersigned agree:

1. Police harassing youth/young men needs to cease.

2. Police cannot handcuff, interrogate, maze or taise anyone if they are cooroparating, don't have weapons and haven't done anything illegally.

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