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As most teenagers would know, Habbo Hotel is a very popular site for people over the age of 13. It is a very fun site with lots of things to do, mainly socializing. People use it to have fun and make new friends around the age genre of 13 - 18.

It has come to my attention that Channel 4 have written an article about habbo, who are claiming it to be lurking with Sex Predators around every corner. They had reported that someone had been undercover as an 11 Year old girl, which is not suitable for Habbo since it is a TEENAGE Hangout. Meaning people over the age of 13.

What also has made me angry is that they went to rooms SPECIFICALLY for DATING and attracting Cyber Sex! Such as: Kissing booths, Single rooms, Night clubs, Beds, Sexy Single rooms, Boys & girls dating rooms etc. They did not investigate the other side of habbo which is about having fun with your friends to pass the time.

Please, I hope you sign this petition to stop it getting Shut Down in the future if they take this out of hand.

Thank you.

We, the Habbo Hotel community, wish Habbo to NOT be shut down if it comes to that conclusion.

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