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New South Wales Government

One of the main stumbling blocks that exists for the Greyhound Adoption Program in NSW is the requirement that our beautiful dogs be muzzled in public places. The negative effect of this stipulation of the Companion Animals Act is twofold:

It has caused the completely erroneous perception to become entrenched, in the minds of the general public, that Greyhounds are dangerous and aggressive.

In itself, the legal requirement that they be muzzled in public, discourages a lot of people who would otherwise be keen to adopt one of these gentle and aristocratic dogs.

We strongly believe that this legislation is misguided - not to say draconian - in that it, quite unjustifiably, discriminates against Greyhounds. (The only other breed which is specified in the CAA is the Pit Bull Terrier). It should be noteworthy that the Greyhound does not rate a mention in any published statistics of dog bites, despite the fact that far more Greyhounds are whelped each year than any other breed.

Furthermore Australia is the only country, with the sole exception of Northern Ireland, which requires Greyhounds to be muzzled when they are off the track.

Happily, Victoria amended its legislation in 1999 to allow GAP Greyhounds to be exempt from wearing muzzles. Since that time, the number of retired Greyhounds adopted in Victoria has increased more than threefold. South Australia has followed suit and similarly amended its legislation in August of 2004, the ACT and Queensland in 2008.

Please sign this petition. It means a lot to thousands of people across NSW. It is a very old law. If you have ever met a greyhound, you would have realized that they are harmless to humans. My Ex-racer has never barked in my house once even!

If you sign, not only will these beautiful animals be able to walk without a useless cage around it's mouth, but you will also be doing something which can make a real difference. You will be actually saving greyhounds lives. You see, A lot of people are turned off from Adopting greyhounds because they do not like the idea of constantly putting a muzzle on it when it goes outdoors. This is why hundreds are viciously killed and left in the bush. It is a very sad fact to face.

So please, sign this petition. I will be sending it to Barry O'Farrell once we hit a nice number.

Thanks a lot,

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