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Governor Wolf’s Education Department has proposed regulations that threaten the future of our schools!

Charter schools are public schools, free and open to all. The Governor’s regulations will force our schools to take money away from students and spend it on bureaucratic red tape.

The charter school community has been trying to work with Governor Wolf on reforms that meet the needs of school districts and public charter schools. When we asked to be part of the process in creating these regulations, we were told NO! We submitted our concerns with these regulations to the Governor and we were ignored! This is our last chance to halt these regulations and we need your VOICES!

If the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) votes to approve these regulations (#6-349: Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools) on Monday, March 21st it will be harder for charter schools to serve their students and will reduce parent choice. These regulations:

1. Make it harder for public charter schools to be approved for renewal even when they meet all the academic standards.
2. Give more power to the school districts that oversee charter schools, even though these same districts have been failing students for years.
3. Make it almost impossible to open a new public charter school.

SIGN THE PETITION now to let Governor Wolf and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) know that you want your charter school to remain open and to continue to serve your family and your community.


As parents, guardians, students, staff members and supporters of public charter schools from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, we are calling on you to halt the harmful regulations proposed by the Department of Education (Regulation #6-349 Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools).

These regulations threaten the very existence of the public charter schools that have been transformative in our children’s lives. These regulations go beyond the scope of the Charter School Law and burden our schools with more bureaucratic red tape, which will ultimately take resources away from our students.

Proposed regulations should be created in collaboration with the individuals and groups who will be impacted by the regulations – in this case that’s us – the public charter school community. Governor Wolf and his administration never engaged public charter school families, students or educators to explain how these regulations would impact us. When our community asked to be involved in the drafting of these regulations, we were told no. When we submitted concrete suggestions and hundreds of letters in opposition to the proposed regulations, we were ignored. WE ARE ASKING YOU TO HEAR US NOW.

Charter schools are public schools, free and open to all. We are citizens of Pennsylvania and we need the attacks on our public charter schools to stop.

We are calling on Governor Wolf to withdraw his proposed regulations and on the members of the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) to vote in opposition to these regulations.

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