Georgia Board Of Education
United States of America

If you graduated in 2000 or 2001 you were forced to take an exam to receive a High School diploma or Certificate Of Attendence that credit you for completing 12 years of school but would prevent you from going to college.I was a victim of this and I will not sit by and let this destroy the next generation to come.

Help assist me in this petition to stop all Graduation exams here in the state of Georgia.

This petition is for High School students past and present who was prevented to further their education all because of a No Child Left Behind Act came to exist in 2000.This petition is for the students who walked the stage in their cap and gowns but didn't receive a diploma but a Certificate of Ateendence.

This petition shall stop ALL Graduation exams in the State of Georgia and everyone who was given a Certificate of Attendance shall receive their High School diploma to further their education and have a more successful life.

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The Stop Georgia High School Graduation Exams petition to Georgia Board Of Education was written by Bernard Richards and is in the category Education at GoPetition.