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UNSC, AU, IGAD, EU, UK, Norwegian and USA government

Abyei is an oil rich region along the north-south border of Sudan inhabited by the agro-pastoralist Ngok Dinka. However the government of Sudan claimed Abyei belongs to North. A 2005 peace agreement, which ended the war, promised the people of Abyei their own referendum on whether to be part of the north or south. The Abyei referendum was supposed to be held simultaneously with the main southern referendum, but Abyei’s referendum did not take place.

On Saturday May 21st, 2011, the Armed Forces of Sudan had seized control of Abyei with a force of approximately 5,000 soldiers who carried out brutality in burning houses, looting and killing of civilians’ population in Abyei. The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) urged Khartoum to "intervene to stop these criminal acts" but Khartoum government “remains defiant and has vowed to hold territory it seized in the disputed region, directly ignoring UN's calls for withdrawal”.

The undersigned south Sudanese citizens, Sudan civil organizations and all peace loving friends around the world condemn the ineffable horrendous, brutal aggression, and forceful occupation of Abyei by the government of Khartoum, which are both direct violation of the CPA and also a far-fetched violation of fundamental Human Rights that is an insult to dignity of humanity.

The world today lives in a global order that is committed to basic human respect and common dignity - the very values and principles upon which democracy, human values and human rights is based. However, the National Congress Party (NCP) and its notorious indicted criminal President of Sudan; Omer el Bashir continues to feast on the blood of the innocent Sudanese people while the world is watching without action. The world must know that this continue aggression by the NCP is a wishful desire to militarily takeover of Abyei by force and to fulfill El Bashir hankering and claimed that “the Abyei is located in north Sudan and will remain in north Sudan.”

The disconcertion for the timely conduct of this move by the NCP is a politically motivated act with intention to provoke return to war between the government of Sudan and the SPLA and also to sabotage the declaration of the Independent of South Sudan which is due to take place in less than 5 weeks from now. Khartoum government once again proved beyond reasonable doubt their intention to dishonor agreements and trashed Abyei provision of the CPA in the dustbin.

We are calling upon all peace enthusiasts and all the international communities, the AU, IGAD, the United States government, the EU and specifically the United Nations Security Council to exert pressure and ensure that Khartoum regime government

Immediately withdraw its armed forces from Abyei.

We urge the security council to impose a possible military intervention by taking tougher actions in accordance with chapter seven of UN charter against Bashir government in Khartoum, specifically impose a no fly zone over Abyei and along the borders between South and North Sudan; the similar no fly zone must be impose over Darfur.

The UNSC must take a military action against Khartoum in case Khartoum decline to withdraw from Abyei, and bomb Sudan army air force bases and other military installation to send a powerful message to Khartoum regime.

We strongly demand political and diplomatic isolation of the NCP-led Government and enforcement of economic sanctions against the GoNU as well as necessitate economic blockage on the Port Sudan sea port at the red sea.

We equally demand that UN to bring those who gave orders to kill civilians to book and face justice before the International Criminal Court(ICC),the current Sudanese minister of defense must be held accountable plus the military officers and soldiers of the divisions who did the crimes of killing and burning and looting houses in Abyei

We demand accountability against those who committed war crimes against the civil population of Abyei by killing them and burning their houses and looting properties.

We also demand reparations for the gross human rights violations that have taken place in Abyei, damages to property and civilians’ infrastructure and insecurity, the people of Abyei deserve compensation and the UN must impose that on Omar El Bashir government in Khartoum.

Coerce the Khartoum Government to accept and abide by its international obligations to fully implement all the CPA provisions cited in the Abyei protocol and all provision addressed within the July 2008 Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling and to allow Abyei referendum to take place under the supervision of the UN.

Abyei must be declared as a protectorate of UN until its citizens of Dinka Ngok chiefdoms decide their destiny in a referendum to be conducted and supervise by UN.

UNSC must take concrete and tough steps against Bashir before we see the country back to wider war not in Sudan only but the whole region of east African, the UNSC must treat the cases of Abyei and Darfur as matter of serious urgency.

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