#Human Rights
Government of Tamil Nadu

February 23, 2006

There is indiscriminate dumping and burning of waste in the Pallikaranai dumpyard. Numerous NGOs and Government organizations have talked about the environmental and health hazards but without any action.

Here are links to some of the numerous articles published since 2002 -

"Pallikaranai: Every breath you take here is harmful", 5-Dec-2005,

"Toxic Gases threaten Chennai's IT companies", 3 Dec 2005

"Pallikaranai wetland under constant threat: residents", 20-Oct-2003

"Withdraw Pallikaranai wetland from Corpn. custody: panel", 26-Oct-2003

"IMC India - Communities amid Garbage Burning in Chennai", 22 May 2003

"Trashing Water is Good Business For Water Companies", 25 March 2002
http://www.southbaymobilization.org/newsroom/earth/howarticles/ 02.0325.TrashingWaterGoodBusinessForWaterCompanies.htm

"Know Your Landfill Poisons", 25-March-2002

Thank you for your support.

We, the undersigned, want a stop to the Dumping and Burning of waste in the Pallikaranai Dumping Grounds.

This will ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for the thousands of people impacted by the large scale water, soil and arial pollution currently happening.

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