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The Fur Industry

Stop fur farming!

Today, 85 percent of the fur industry's pelts come from animals raised on farms. The most farmed fur-bearing animal is the mink, followed by the fox.

Chinchilla, lynx, and even hamsters are also farmed for their fur. Sixty-four percent of fur farms are in Northern Europe, 11 percent are in North America, and the rest are dispersed throughout the world, in countries such as Argentina and Russia.

The death of these animals is sick and in-humane.

Some fur farmers kill smaller animals by packing them into small crates, and poisoning the animals by attaching this crate to the exhaust of a truck, and letting the hot, unfiltered fumes kill the animals, but this isn't always effective, and the animals may wake up while they're being skinned.

PETA discovered that in other countries, dogs and cats were being stolen and then bashed, thrown on the ground, strangled by wires or skinned whilst alive. Some cats and dogs still had collars on, proof that they were someones much loved companion.

Fur farming is also damaging the environment.

Real fur takes more energy and time to produce rather than fake fur.

Stop Fur Farming. Sign This Petition. If we get enough people, we could take action. Would you wear your dog?

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