#International Affairs
Office of the Speaker (John Boehner) of the House of Representatives, 113th USA Congress (2014)
United States of America

It is a great, special, privilege to lawfully reside or visit the United States of America. It is not a give away, and not a privilege "for the taking". We are nice and grateful for what we have in this country of ours, but we are not to be taken advantage of.

This so-called Executive Order announced on Nov. 20, 2014 circumventing the U.S. 113th Congress is not "Executive", but is "Legislative" in character, for it grants work permits to the favored trespassers, and is therefore a fraud and an insult to every U.S. citizen.

Republicans in the House of Representatives (now in the majority) must be stopped NOW from funding this so-called Executive order at anytime. It ignores the deportation of trespassing illegal aliens in the millions, and ignores current Federal law ordering the U.S. President to seal the porous borders (especially the 2000 mile long, bordering Mexico) and to prevent further illegal crossings from occurring.

This, in-effect legislative order allows unconstitutional privileges for illegal aliens who are CONTINUOUSLY trespassing on our U.S. soil, privileges bought with the blood or effort of our nation's heroes, privileges heretofore reserved solely for U.S. citizens.

The U.S. President's main role, and the great powers entrusted to him (temporarily) are explicitly for the protection of our national security, a job description he once accepted, but an essential role he has decided out of arrogance to ignore.

The President's legislative order must be kept unfunded entirely, at all costs. Congress defaulted already in the same President's previous "Dream Act" legislative order (also indecently called an Executive Order), and Congress therefore signaled it is okay for the President to by-pass Congress. It is not okay; for it makes our expensive, in-debt Congress in-effect a waste of money.

Note: If ALL our laws are not enforced, it is ridiculous to have passed laws, or pass new laws. And if our laws are not enforced, of what use is the judicial branch of government? Therefore, a President's Legislative Order does away with the power of Congress, and circumvents the judicial system. It is due time now for Presidents to be held accountable, and only conscientious voters can get that done through the power of their single vote, and spreading the word.

There is only one way now: by vowing to abstain from voting in the 2016 election! For, Republicans cannot win elections without the Conservative Republicans. Let's clean House, first (no pun intended.)

It is our prerogative, and it is our right to abstain from voting nationally in 2016. So, I hereby vow.






I HEREBY VOW not to vote for any Presidential or national candidate (Republican or Democrat) in the 2016 election, if:

Speaker John Boehner and the majority of the House of Representatives in any way FUNDS the President's so-called Executive Order announced on Nov. 20th, 2014 regarding citizens of other countries who illegally crossed into U.S. soil, remain without permit, reproduce or pay for marriage to a U.S. citizen, and dare to be found and deported. It is an abuse of Executive Order powers of the U.S. Presidency, and an insult to every U.S. citizen's rights.

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