#Consumer Affairs
Florida Utilities Commission
United States of America

Floridians are losing their homes and jobs at alarming rates. State and private workers are seeing their salaries either frozen or decreased.

Expenses for just about everything a family needs is increasing. And FPL now wants to increase its rates by 30%!

We Floridians have seen pay cuts, salary freezes, increases in the cost of everything from groceries to health care. We are losing our homes and jobs faster than almost anywhere else in the country. And now FPL wants to increase our utility bills by 30%. This from a company that answers to nobody but their shareholders.

Americans! Floridians! It's time to take a stand and let our voices be heard! Don't let the big corporations, utility companies, and Wall Street get away with sticking it to the ordinary worker again.

Sign this petition demanding that FPL be stopped from increasing their already obscene profits on the backs or ordinary Americans.

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