#Students' Rights
to get the school to remove this rule and be more transparent

sometimes our parents call us to do something while we have classes or I have something important to do like feeding my dog, sometimes we feel insecure about doing stuff in front of our camera, for example, pe... or sometimes we can't move our laptops.
the school says that it's a 'SAFEGUARDING' issue but we do turn on our cams at the start of our lesson so they know that it's us.. so why do we have to keep our cameras on the entire lesson to protect us from our own homes???
my laptop personally gets overheated and slow when zoom is running with my camera on so I have to turn it off.. and what do the teachers do when I do that, YES they REMOVE us this is too unreasonable for us as we have our own problems and we feel like we are being forced. We pay 40000 rm per year to be removed from the class...

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"I agree w the petition, we can just turn on our cams at the start of the lesson so the teacher can take attendance, but the teachers say "u must turn on cams whole time to make sure ur listening" well if mic is okay lol if the student doesn't reply when the teacher calls their name, feel free to remove them as you already know they are not listening. some of us are shy and would not like to perform actions on cameras. I personally think it's invading our privacy, while school says "we will keep you safe" by "stalking" us thru cams? no thanks."
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