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Liam Fox Defence Minister & Home Office British Government

This petition seeks to obtain a review of the case of Fijian Commonwealth soldier and Iraq war hero Epeli Uluilakeba known as Pex to his mates. This brave young man's request for permission to remain in the UK has been rejected due to an incident where he drew a knife on a fellow soldier. He was court-martialled, sentenced and later discharged by the Military in 2009.

We are strongly of the view that this incident would never have occurred had Pex been given the necessary counselling required for him to deal with the severe stress he faced whilst serving in Iraq where he sustained serious injuries and life threatening trauma. Pex has the right to British Citizenship a right he has truly earned by serving this country.

The Military Covenant states that the nation has a 'Care of Duty' to all members of the Armed Forces yet sadly the British Government has failed this brave hero.

We the undersigned call on Defence Minister Liam Fox and the Home Office to re-examine the case of Epeli Uluilakeba (Pex) and his application to stay in Britain. Pex is a war hero, a Commonwealth soldier who has fought for the British people.

We the British people wish him the UK citizenship and legal right to remain in the country he has so bravely fought to defend.

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