#Human Rights
USDA Rural Housing
United States of America

USDA Rural Housing workers in Grant County, Ky Inspected and approved the home my son and I purchased in Nov. 2007. Day one had to replace all propane pipes in home which lead to finding out there was, no insulation at all in the home, foundation broken and causing home to slip, all electric, plumbing, septic, water heater and furnace are all illegal and out of code, Roof causes wet walls and lots of mold, Black mold found in bath and bedrooms. Which USDA claims a dog did all this damage.

My son and I are both disabled and my son is on immune suppressants. We are living in a dangerous environment and because we have no money we are stuck. Been through every branch of government, 21 lawyers, 28 Contractors and we're told no one can help us.

We can't sue their inspectors or anyone cause they all have government immunity from their crimes of negligence. They laugh in our face and tell us there is nothing we can do but sell house as is best offer and be stuck with the mortgage. We will have to pay $83,300.00 for one acre of land and a condemned, mold ridden home.

This has to stop, there are more families with this problem and it can happen to you.

We the undersigned, call on the Federal Government to take a closer look at their employees.

We want better training and to eliminate Federal Employee Immunity. They should not be able to put people in harms way for the benifit of money and be immune from it. They are negligent in their jobs and with a smile, will tell you there is nothing you can do about it.

Let's stop the GOD complex by giving them consequences for their actions.

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