#Animal Welfare
Rep. Candice Miller
United States of America

1. Veal comes from male calves.

2. These calves are barely weaned.

3. They're then taken from their mothers.

4. Their living quarters are inadequate.

5. Physical activity is void.

6. Their food is insufficient.

7. Their life is questionable.

8. Their treatment is cruel and inhumane and only we can stop this. I duly acknowledge that not all calves for veal are treated in this manner, however the method that i am presenting in this petition truly shows something needs to be done.

We the undersigned call on Rep. Candice Miller to stop the factory farming of calves. Long before they are weaned the male calves (because they do not produce milk) are taken from their mothers.

They are put in living quarters about the size of a dog house and can only stand or lie down. They do not get to romp with their own freely. Their diet is lacking in iron, therefore making them so weak that many times they drool and die.

Often on their way to or even before the walk to their final destination, they drop dead. Please, Rep. Miller, for all of us who can see this cruel and inhumane treatment, help us stop it. We are the only ones that can help them.

Thank you to those who signed and to you, Rep. Miller for your consideration and time.

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