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Everyday I'm approached by people begging for handouts. I fear for my safety as well as my sister's when these people approach us. I hate going out anymore because of these beggars. I am approached in laundromats, on the street, at the grocery store, gas station, etc. by people who reek of alcohol.

When given a negative response they are supposed to leave but instead the pleading gets more desperate. I work 7 days a week for what little money I have and have nothing left to spare, not even change!

This whole situation seems too dangerous to allow it to go on. The situation with beggars is getting out of control.

Please for the safety of the population at large, stop allowing the begging and panhandling that goes on to continue.

It's wrong to ask for money from someone who has nothing to spare, then continue begging more desperately once you tell them you have nothing for them.

We should be able to live out lives with out the stress and gilt of having to tell someone no, then having to listen to some sob story.

It is not safe to reward someone for approaching you for a monetary goal.

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