#Animal Rights
New York
United States of America

Animal Planet succeeds too often and while the animals are being brought in for health checkup if they are of a certain breed usually Pitt Bulls they get Euthanized before they complete their health status..or more often if a animal is too thin and has a biting habit due to being mistreated by co-owners they also get Euthanazed..to all respect of Animal Planet I am assured that they take into consideration of these animals but is to why they suggest Euthinzation is beyond me some of these animals are healthy..they just need training, like a lost child you have to re-introduce the reality of patience.

We the people of saving Animals from being Euthanized are asking everyone to help the animals from being tortured.

Euthanzation is not a little shot then they are cremated.. these animals know that they are going to be put down and in fear they are subjected to this in-human manner of terror.

Sign the Petition that will save hundreds of these animals from being killed..being rabied is one thing but healthy and secure is another.

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