#Human Rights
Amensty international,human rights watch,USA, British and western governments

Ethiopia has a vast history of its nations that extends back thousands of years. People of several nationalities and tribes have lived with good spirits, love and respect to one another.

The current regime, with its wrongful and completely unpopular policy of ethnic cleansing, has recently been on a mission of unjustly forcing an entire population of 78,000 in the Southern Region. People are being forced to evacuate and leave their land and property. The affected region constitutes twenty two districts in Benchi Zone, Gurafarda Woreda.

The population has been strongly protesting against EPRDF’s unlawful acts and such atrocities. However, in spite of the legal requests and outcry from the opposition, the Zenawi government has chosen to go ahead with its ill-advised abuse of its authority and use of its military force against good and law abiding citizens.

AEUP Support Canada, Europe and USA call all Ethiopians to sign this petition to protest in order to pressure the government to stop immediately its gross human rights abuses and Ethnic Cleansing in that region.

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