American,Canadian,Mexican citizens

This has been blacked-out by Big Media

Help create a legislature that will prohibit seizure of land through eminent domain for use of foreign privatization and corporatist gains. Create a bill that will stop thousands of families in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Both South and North Dakota from losing their land through eminent domain laws. Trans Texas Corridor plans to help NAFTA develop transcontinental highways through Mexico, U.S. and Canada to by-pass our dockyards and Union workers along with thousands of other sectors of works http://www.keeptexasmoving.com/.

There have been several town hall meetings on these issues, and American Citizens has been pleading to help stop this action. Farming is all some of these people know, and most of them depend on their faring land as a source of income. This projected plan plans to have this superhighway built by foreign companies such as Cintra http://www.cintra.es/index.asp as Spanish based company backed by JP Morgan and many others who stand to gain profits off our losses. They plan to buyout these farmers through "just compensation" at below market value.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership has been put into play and was put into play by Bush without Congressional approval. Don't let big business exploit our American farmers, Unions, and Non-Union workers. Once this happens there is no turning back. This is force cheap labor in Mexico a loss of jobs in the U.S. and Canada. With our tax dollars Customs Pods will be made with our tax dollars ran by Mexican officers, allowing Mexican trucking companies to free flow through our country cutting out our jobs, homes, land and freedom of choice.

Request of freedom of information act on this issue has been posted on http://minutemanproject.com/. The Mexican truck drivers will be able to pass freely without hardly any inspection, because NAFTA trade agreement pushed to get this through without adressing issues like road saftey, illegal imigration, security and prevention of drug and money laundering. I purpose to Amend to following to come before the house to be voted on, before it is to late.

· The Government must divulge any and all public and privatized plans to create this superhighway. Also they must disclose any and all financial records on grants given, tax dollars spent or donations sent to any parties involved in these matters in a timely matter. Via a watchdog group who has no gain, to make public all info.

· Fair market price, should be the projected income to be made off the land and not of which the current value is at. Also amend in law that landowners will be reimbursed annually based on the profit of that land through tolls and other profited areas. Also other profit go to community development in the towns and cities affected from this.

· If the highway is to be made, that eminent domain states the power to take private property for "public use". If this is true no single individual is restricted from using this superhighway. If not used for public use, and it for the welfare or public interests, that it must go through the appropriate hearings via court or city council and must go before a voting process for which we democratically and systematically will vote on.

· That the proposed superhighway must go through the judicial systems of each state affected by this to make a vote on its further development.

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This is to get info out about the The Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement between Mexico, Canada and United States.
We stand to loose hundreds of thousands of jobs our way of life and our sovereignty. They are seizing our land through eminent domain and are currently building a NAFTA superhighway and railway.

They plan to privatize out the roads and lease them to private firms and sub our the contracts to the Cintra/Zachary co. which is a Spanish held firm. They plan to toll our roads, seize land, create smart pods for Mexican customs on U.S. Soil, and use our tax money for this. They will tell you it's for cheaper tariffs and create trade and help security.

Don't believe it this is how the EU began with the idea of steal trade and now they lost their dependency as sovereign nations and fall under EU laws. Please sign and FWD.

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