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I have been a victim of mind Control for over a year now without my Consent. I have Been tortured by voices beamed to my head 24/7 thru ELF waves (V2K, majority of these perps are my extended relatives and friends in the EAST BAY (Pakistani)) so that I do not exceed in Success anymore and to keep me quite so I don't become a whistle blower.

This all started after I was Slandered and Exposed at my work at Cisco San Jose and let go. These Voices and synthetic thoughts that are put into my head are opinions of Others that are part of this Organized Gang Stalkers. I have dealt with profanity voices to my head for the last year but I have still found a WILL to keep moving forward and not caring about the opinions of others. I have been Isolated in my community due to this but that didn't take my self esteem away or make me feel any less human..... These people terrorized my life I think of them as terrorist majority of them reside in Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley..... But till this day I still wake up telling myself that I will have the Best Day Possible even with all this going on.

You can learn more about this Mind Control Terror @ www.icaat.org

Dear President Obama:

We the People, who have been targeted, tortured and terrorized (On American Soil with our own U.S tax dollars) by covert military operations of the United States Government are urgently requesting that our President order an immediate investigation and a complete halt to this assault (reign of terror) on
innocent, law abiding citizens.

At this writing there are more than 500,000 victims in the U.S., including many whistleblowers and dissidents whose demise has been arranged, and others who appear to have been unwittingly cast into research programs designed to develop mind control technologies and weapons of war; including the testing of Direct Energy Weapons (inaudible to the ear and invisible to the eye- yet the victim is tortured by electronic shocks, burning and more) and the involuntary implantation with microchips designed to facilitate microwave hearing (where involuntary victims are forced to hear voices that mimic schizophrenia) as well as simultaneously being subjected to predatory group stalking and surveillance technologies that include wiretapping , computer hacking, and listening devices installed in our homes. We once led productive lives, (prior to being attacked by this covert program) but now find ourselves being defamed and fallaciously labeled as mentally ill criminals or potential domestic terrorists.

This, in turn has resulted in our being blacklisted and prevented from employment, housing or medical care, which has financially and emotionally destroyed us, and has caused some to be falsely imprisoned or falsely committed to psychiatric wards; all of which is being orchestrated and funded by U.S. tax dollars.

Victims live in chronic pain and illness. Many have been murdered from the ongoing subjection to biological, chemical and microwave developmental weapons of war that are being tested on innocent lives. Many have lost hope and have committed suicide.

Our lives are living testimonies to the existence of a demonic shadow government, in which merciless government criminals and defense contractors are terrorizing and torturing our entire families, including our infants, children ,teenagers, adults, and our elderly, as well as our pets and our livestock.

This new terrorism in America, once infamously known as a counter intelligence program called COINTELPRO, continues today as America’s new secret holocaust.

Mr. President, you must help the hundreds of thousands of people in America and around the globe who are being subjected to these crimes of humanity and to the egregious infringement of our civil rights and liberties that the United States was founded on.

At the same time, we feel it imperative to warn the general public that at any given moment they too, may become victims of this government-perpetrated terrorism.

Best Regards from a Targeted Individual,

Khurram Dass

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