Edge Hill University
United Kingdom

Edge Hill University have drafted plans to build a 9 building, 250 student campus between numbers 85 and 89 on St Helens Road (A570) and their former gardens.

Plans are being prepared to swamp Ormskirk with an additional 750 students over the next 3 years. Many local residents already face daily hardship through traffic congestion, increased noise levels, litter and unruly student behaviour.

It's time that as a community we all stood upto Edge Hill and stopped them developing not only on St Helens Road, but Ruff Lane and Scarth Hill Lane. Edge Hill has outgrown Ormskirk, we already find it difficult enough to find suitable accomodation for our own children now in the area! never mind in 3 years time when we will have to find another 750 beds for these new students. We all have a responsibility to maintain our standards of living in the area.

If we don't then you could be living next to a group of students. Please sign this petition to ensure that we and our children have bright prospects in the Market town of Ormskirk.

We, the undersigned, call on Edge Hill University to stop expansion at the cost of the community, and those it serves. Ormskirk is a historic market town and NOT a University town.

The ever increasing size of the University is having an adverse affect on all that live in Ormskirk, be it through increased noise levels, traffic congestion, decrease in house market values, etc.

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