#Animal Rights

eBay are the UK's largest online market, they allow the sale of any dead animal unless it is an endangered species (or a domesticated cat or dog) they do not regulate the sale of animal pelts, parts and products sourced from cruel fur farms, namely in China.

PETA's website have footage of the torture these animals endure before they die, in short they are strung up (alive) skinned with a knife (their whole skins including their heads) the animal (with no skin on it) is then slung to the ground where it tries to crawl away before it slowly dies. And all this is done in full view of the other animals awaiting this fate. PETA are currently requesting that eBay stop the sale of these items on eBay, please help support this cause by signing this petition which I will send to eBay and PETA.

There are currently over 40,000 real fur items on eBay UK.

We don't allow these products to be sold on our high street so let's stop them being sold on our largest online market.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hayley Fowles

We, the undersigned, ask that eBay cease the sale of animal fur on their UK site.

Namely: Fox, Raccoon Dog, Mink, Rabbit

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