Govener Murphy
United States of America

Governor Murphy is attempting to stop the rights of Bars/Resturants/Establishments of being open after 10PM on any given business day due to the epidemic. However, all current establishments have been following proper protocol. They have had no known cases of issues. All facilities are sanitized and all patrons follow strict guidelines. This causes businesses to shut down hours of operations which impacts assets, patrons and economy just by stating a time of day/night impacts the spread of a virus. With proper protocol already in place in businesses they can function at any time under specific conditions set by the establishment. Please remove this burden upon both depleting the economy and the patrons it affects.

We, the undersigned, call to the State of NJ to allow businesses under the current regulatory conditions, within means of covid statutes, stay open with their current hours and staff past 10pm until close of business.

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