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Of all the plastic we can see floating on the surface of the ocean it is only 5 percent of all the plastic trash dumped into the sea. The Ocean Conservancy, a US environmental nonprofit says that the other 95 percent is submerged beneath, where it strangles underwater creatures and wrecks the aquatic ecosystem. This is not okay.

Dear China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam,

You dump more plastics into the worlds waterways than all other countries combined. We pledge to not travel to your countries and spend our money as long as you continue to pollute our oceans with plastic. We all share this planet and the waste you dump into the oceans is killing marine life and a sea birds. As plastics break down they release toxins, toxins that are in the food chain which means it is in all of us. We will not support this and pledge not to travel to your countries until you enact meaningful reforms to stop this destructive practice.

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