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Drunk Driving kills over injures over 10,000 people a year, many of them later die. Most are killed instantly.

The specific criminal offense may be called, depending on the jurisdiction, driving under intense influence (DUII), driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OMVI), driving under the influence [of alcohol or other drugs] (DUI), driving under the combined influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, driving under the influence per se or drunk in charge [of a vehicle].

Other less common acronyms include ("OVI"), "operating a vehicle (while) impaired," and ("DWAI"), "Driving While Ability Impaired." Many of such laws apply also to boating, piloting aircraft, riding a horse or conducting a horse-drawn vehicle, or cycling.

Drunk Driving can effect everyone. Us and even the people around us.

One of the many people that was a victim of a drunk driving crash lost her ears, left eye, and over 60% of her body was covered in 2nd degree burns.

Please sign to stop Drunk Driving.

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