The Prime Minister of Italy --Il Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri

Basilicata (Lucania) located in Southern Italy has discovered millions of barrels of petrol sitting beneath their land. The Italian government rushed in without investigating the future con's of this sort of operation, or the hazards that could destroy people, or permanant alterations to the purity of this region. Now, after six years of drilling Lucanians are dying! Crops are not growing!

They have trouble with the vineyards and sustaining themselves because the government had polluted the territory. The infant mortality rate in Italy is 3.04% but in Basilicata, it's 3.84%.

The People of Lucania (Basilicata) are crying out while dying because of greedy politicians. Measures need to be taken as soon as possible. It was the most pure undiscovered, beautiful, and mysterious region.

Please read this letter I received by Lucanian civilian:

Hi, I am a lucanian and i am glad that you discovered our mystic region. Lucania is an incredible place, but the menace of oil's extraction is killing us, the tax of persons ill of cancer is higher than other region of italy...Nobody listen our voice, and the italian government with Eni (the oil company) are killing us...i write you this because the world must know how much we are exploited... We extract the 30% of italian oil, but nobody have a job here, we take only bad effects by oil....in my country (1600 persons) during the last three years 10 persons are dead by cancer and a friend of mine was hit by leukemia....sorry for my english and thank you...

Please help save LUCANIA and its people!

We are demanding the Italian government put 30% of petrol profits back into Natural cures for any cancer a Lucanian develops, or deaths of infants directly related to the drilling or any structural damage to houses or schools, or enviromental damage from the time you started drilling.

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