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Fawcett Devon
United Kingdom

FAWCETT DEVON – are supporting the Save ADVA’s Funding Campaign - ADVA - Against Domestic Violence and Abuse - helps thousands of women and children survive violent situations every year…And soon these vulnerable people may be without support.

Devon County Council's Cabinet Members first proposed to cut ADVA's budget by 100%. In effect this would close down the service and cause 4 redundancies within DCC and in excess of 24 posts in the voluntary sector.

We campaigned alongside other organisations and individuals to get this cut reversed.
So far only 50% has been restored.

ADVA had a £1.3M budget this year, made up of contributions from the County Council - 90% and other partners – the NHS, The Police, The Probation Servicves, the District Councils - 10%. Even a 50% cut is drastic and could put lives at risk.

We the undersigned urge Devon County Council to stop any cut to the domestic violence (AVDA) budget to prevent women and children in Devon's health and lives being put at risk.

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