#Animal Rights
to end the dolphin slaughter

The drive fishing massacre in Taiji involves the use of 13 motorized boats which are 40 foot in length. Each boat has two fishermen aboard. In the early morning the fishermen drive out to the dolphin migratory routes in search of a pod. Bottlenose, stripped, spotted or Rissos dolphins are more sought after or even pilot whales.

When they have found a pod of dolphins they will line up the boats at equal distances apart behind the dolphins facing toward the land. Next each boat places two 15 foot long metal poles in to the water. The fishermen will then bang the poles with hammers to create a deafening and hideous sound that frightens, panics and disorientates the dolphins. Each pole has a bell shaped end so as to amplify the sound and create a “sonic wall” that drives the dolphins towards a shallow cove also known as the “killing cove”. The boats keep moving closer whilst all the time banging the poles.

The dolphins, confused and disorientated swim for their lives. To gain further control over the pod, the fishermen will stab a few of the marine co-inhabitants with spears, this is done to prevent the other dolphins from trying to escape as these caring creature never leave a sick family member behind. Soon the pods which consist of adults as well as babies and mothers are confined to the cove. Next two nets are placed at the mouth of the cove so as to imprison the animals and thus seal their horrific fate.

Japan is allowed to kill 19,000 dolphins each year, but those are only the slaughters they admit to. Think of all the other ocean life they are killing.

Stop Dolphin Killing in Taiji.

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