#Unavoidable Significant Negative Impacts
Nevada County Planning Department
United States of America

Property developers (Simon CRE) have submitted applications to build three 9100 sq ft buildings in Nevada County to be leased for 15 years to Dollar General Stores. We have emphatically opposed sites proposed for these sites due to their placement (in 2 of the 3 sites) directly against residential neighborhoods. Admittedly, many just don't like the Dollar General stores, but that is not the subject of this petition. These huge buildings are over-sized for the properties chosen resulting in many negative impacts that are dismissed by offering trade-offs that neither reduce the impacts, or provide any benefit to those who are affected. Developers refuse to make the project fit the property by reducing the building size and excavation, and continue to show little regard to the needs of the neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, call on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to disallow the proposed construction of the Dollar General Store by Simon CRE at Alta Sierra, California which include the EIR (EIR15-001/SCH2016012009), Management Plan (MGT14-010), and Development Permit (DP14-001).
We are residents with first-hand experience within our local neighborhoods and the issues that will negatively affect our specific region such as Noise, Flooding, Aesthetics, Traffic, Loss of Landmark Oaks and Natural surroundings, Fire evacuation, threats to local business success, or any other negative impact that affects our way of life. These concerns have not been properly recognized, and cannot be properly resolved with a development of this size at the proposed site.
The EIR has addressed some of the obvious environmental issues, but the mitigation measures suggested have been provided do not satisfactorily prove that they are sufficient to prevent worsening of the existing local issues, nor do they avoid significant unavoidable negative impacts without any meaningful benefit to balance those Significant Negative Impacts, as required by CEQA . The EIR has discounted many of these issues and the negative effects by grading their significance on an arbitrary scale which do not properly consider each of the impacts properly that an over-sized discount chain store in direct proximity with a rural residential neighborhood would create. In doing so, it does not properly recognize all of the other negative and significant impacts within our residential neighborhoods.

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