#Animal Rights
south korean dog slaughter houses and restauraunts

In South Korea, dogs are continuously murdered and tortured to extents that you can not imagine. They are put into cages where there is so little room, that they can not move or stand. Then they wait for sometimes days or weeks, with no food or water AT ALL, until they are dragged out of the cage, and murdered!

The evil people who do this do not even do it in a humane way, they just simply put a tin can over their mouth to make them easier to handle, then they grab their delicate legs and pull them back over and tie them at their backs. This dislocates their limbs, and the are hung up and left to die slowly so they are fresher for the customers to eat!

Please have a look at the pictures and have the heart to sign this and send it to as many friends as you can! Thanks.

This petition will be sent to the South Koreans Government, but to do this i need 1000 signatures.

We, the undersigned, petition to stop South Korean dog slaughter houses and restaurants.

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