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Mayor of Skopje: gradonacalnik@skopje.gov.mk

There is one only shelter in Skopje (Macedonia), where dogs are killed in huge number and impressive frequency. The Mayor, responsible of the shelter, declared openly that dogs must be KILLED, everyone of them. The shelter was meant to sterilize dogs and then let them go, but OFFICIALLY 56% of dogs are killed.

PLEASE my friends, I BEG YOU: write the letter to ask the Mayor to stop!! gradonacalnik@skopje.gov.mk

Dear Sir,

We appeal to you, asking (begging) for you to support and help us immediately, if possible, in our desperate trying to stop the massacre of the homeless puppies in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, by the local government. They DO NOT respond to our appeals to stop with their inhuman behavior of murdering helpless little creatures.

In the Republic of Macedonia there is not even one facility center that would take care of the homeless animals, and there is only one temporary (transit) center, Vardarishte Sanctuary. But, this stationary instead of implementing the program “catch, neuter, RELEASE” for which it is constituted and paid for, this institution is implementing mass liquidation and killing every second dog they catch. The official statistics of the city till the 1st of January 2009 indicate high 55, 7% of euthanasia, and what is happening these last few weeks is 100% genocide. The dogs are not being brought back, but literally disappear.

These last two weeks Macedonian volounteers protested, and they have sent hundreds of e-mails to the Major of the city of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski (gradonacalnik@skopje.gov.mk) and to the Prime Minister of R. Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski , ( http://www.vlada.mk/?q=contact) but the killings are ongoing.

These e-mails contained the following:

1. Please stop with the mass euthanasia! This act is an act of cruelty, implies social backwardness and it is against all European Standards regarding the treatment of the homeless dogs!!!

2. We are asking for urgent reorganization and capacity enlargement of the Vardarishte Stationary. You cannot expect any descent results from a stationary that has only one service for catching dogs and only one veterinary, and it is supposed to treat 10 000 dogs! This unserious act only brings to death of the innocent dogs, and you are spending large amounts of money for no results! There is an urgent need to include 5 more veterinaries in this stationary, or every local government by itself, to engage veterinary and dog catching service with a motor vehicle.

3. There is supposed to be regular monitoring over the realization of this project- NGO’s, public inspectorate etc.

4. The dogs should be brought back to the same location where they were found- this is an obligation which the communal service does not respond to, even though it is paid for it.

5. There suppose to be competent persons in the Stationary that would insist on finding homes for the homeless puppies, instead of the incompetent persons working for the communal service that do not wish to make any effort to find a home for these homeless puppies…


Please, are you in a position to help us change this situation in Skopje? It is very urgent!!! Could you also appeal to the Major of the city of Skopje and the Prime Minister of R. Macedonia to make personal efforts to change this situation?


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Thank you!
A heart for the Animals


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