#Animal Rights
International Olympic Comittee

Please help dogs in China!!

Especially the "large" dogs---those taller than 35cm in height!

The Beijing Government is now launching to arrest dogs just because of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game. The officers in Beijing thought that the "large" dogs will affect the games! They are going to arrest them and ask the owners to pay ransom, even for dogs with a permit!! (In China, all dogs should have to be registered and the registration fee is very high compared with the income of the Chinese.)

The Beijing Government is now arresting the dogs in the capital and will soon spread to all cities in China. All the dogs owners are living in a dreadful atmosphere. Not only the owners of the big dogs, but also small dogs that are already licensed.

Please help us to spread news of this tragedy in China to the world, especially the International Olympic office because we do not believe that the Olympic Games must be played over the blood of dogs.

We love our babies, these beautiful dogs, and we will fight for them. Please help us and support us.

We, the undersigned, petition the Chinese Government to stop "arresting" dogs because of the 2008 Olympic Games.

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