#Animal Welfare
USDA (the united states department of agriculture)
United States of America

Dogs are man’s best friend. A dog’s existence it to please their owner and a dog will do this even at his/her detriment.

DOG SHOWS promote the practice of inbreeding as an effort to breed dogs with specific physical attributes. this practice can lead to dogs with weaker immune systems and birth defects. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have also held issue with aspects of the Westminster show. Particularly, they object to the practice of tail docking, or amputation, which is done to adhere to some breeds standards.

DOG AGILITY COMPETITIONS are dangerous and force dogs to perform jumps and grueling obstacle courses. several dog rights groups have lodged complaints due the numerous injuries and long term damage suffered by dogs forced to compete in these cruel agility competitions. some examples: a small poodle and former AKC National Champion fell off the dogwalk and died from a broken neck; a sheltie broke her jaw because she turned abruptly and slammed her face into the side of a dogwalk ramp; an australian shepherd received debilitating injuries from slamming into a weave pole during his run. a long standing competitor labrador retriever suffered long term back problems after years of running through the weave poles of the obstacle course. a multitude of dogs have ruined their shoulders by slamming against the A frame; a dog was suffocated when a tunnel collapsed during a competition. another common injury of agility competitions affect dogs with ear flaps are ruptured ear drums, due to the constant speed of running trials

GREYHOUND RACING may seem like a harmless sport, but life in the fast lane is no picnic for these overworked dogs. Every year, thousands of young and healthy greyhounds are killed merely because they lack racing potential, are injured while racing or are no longer competitive. they spend long hours in cramped kennels and are deprived of normal social contact and life experiences.

Our noble four legged friends need our voice.

If you wish to stop the forced competition of dogs by their owners, please sign this petition.

These competitions include: shows, agility competitions, racing etc.

Please help me protect our innocent four legged friends who cannot speak for themselves.

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