#Animal Welfare
Any organisation which abuses animals

All you have to do is go on the internet and u can see for urself the evidence of all this voilence and abuse. it is unnessisary and not wanted. the people who do this are sick and they hav to be stopped. would u stand there and watch a dog being skinned alive -- the dog howling in pain and shaking with terror - and would u walk out of that building with a bit of clothing made from that animal??? NO, i would hope u wouldnt. stop those that would.....

We the undersigned ask you to take the time from your busy life and stop this animal abuse. there is no need for it. All the animal suffering is not what fashion statements are about. It should be done humanely if not stopped altogether. Does the peoples vote not count for anything anymore. Prove to us that we are right for having this petition.

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