Parents of District 205
United States of America

District 205 is proposing a time shift for schools to adjust to a 3-tier bus system. This proposal will bring $350,000 savings to the district but would disrupt many Elementary families.

If this passes, starting next year, Elementary schools wouldn't start until almost 9am and dismiss at 4PM. This will impact many working families trying to get their children to school while trying to get to work at a reasonable time. These working families may have to pay for additional AM childcare to accommodate for such a time change and also force some children to be in before school care for up to 2 hours prior to the start of school. This could negatively impact learning due to some children being exhausted before they even start class.

Dismissal at 4PM would not only negatively impact after school activities that currently start before 4PM, but also cause some elementary children to walk home in the dark during the early winter months.

We, the undersigned, call to District 205 of Elmhurst, Illinois to reconsider the proposal of shifting the school hours of our Elementary Schools.

We are in direct conflict with this proposal and do not want the elementary hours changed from our current 8:15AM to 3PM.

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