#Animal Rights
Schools around the world
United States of America

Dissections are a terrible, terrible thing, to start with. Frogs are not the only animals being killed these days for experiments in schools. Cats, mice, rats, worms, dogs, rabbits, pigs, and fish are also being inhumanely killed and then cut up for education purposes.

At my private high school, there is another option inside of dissections. But I am the ONLY person in my class taking advantage of this! That means that there will be a frog or mouse or some other kind of poor animal will be killed for ever other person in my class.

Dissections should be stopped all together! (If anyone has any suggestions on how to get my school , specifically, to stop this let me know!)

Stop dissections! It is wrong and their are many other options that could teach
you just as much as actually cutting up an actual animal!

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