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Roy City, Utah City Council
United States of America

In the past 3-1/2 years I have spent $6000 in fee's, for annexation, plot plans and a water change to expand my home business. I have worked with Roy City Planning twice to enlarge my business in the home which it is in to in compass the entire home. I have another home to live in. My home is on
1-1/3 acres and a large aount of the ground in the surrounding area is zoned commerial..Now there is a WallMart coming .4 miles away from me on the corner.

Now the city is telling me that I cannot enlarge my business unless I do a fully commerical developement like a Conoco or strip mall. The city is stopping me from using my ground to enlarge my business because I don't have the money to do a fully developed business like the Wallmart.

I believe that Roy City should have told me this though $6000 ago. I don't think that when I have done what the city ask's me to do, that then they should be able to change the rules and deny me not once but twice in this game. So now I am writing my Congress, ACLU, Legislature and writing a petition.

We wish Roy City Planning to stop its bad planning practices.

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