Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ), a representative of non-partisan women’s rights organisations and activists launched # Section 56 Campaign on Saturday the 8th of April 2017. CS56 is a Women’s Rights Activists campaign being coordinated by WCoZ to amplify the diverse voices of women’s rights activists in Zimbabwe, who after 3 years of a new progressive constitutional dispensation find that women’s day today lived realities have not changed and their demands for legal and administrative reforms continue to meet a myriad of excuses from various duty bearers.

The launch is a Women’s March titled #Section56March. The aim of the march is to amplify women’s voices in demanding for the full implementation of equality as covered in the Zimbabwean Constitution #Section56 on Equality and Non-Discrimination. The campaign will be speaking to issues of;
1. The failure to change of state practice toward women
2. The de-prioritisation of women
3. The deepening of marginalisation of women

We, the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, Representing women’s rights organisations and individual women’s rights activists, acknowledging the progressive provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Act 2013. Concerned, that Violation of Women’s rights and discrimination against
women and girls in all areas of life continue to deepen regardless of guaranteed rights in the constitution,

Concerned that institutions, programmes and decision making processes of the National Gender Machinery implementing the women’s agenda, continue to be weakened by lack of adequate resource allocations from the National Budget Realising that the majority of women still are not aware of the women’s rights and gender equality provisions of the Constitution, Committed to the agenda to advance women and girls rights enshrined in the Constitution. Noting the need for a conductive socio, economic and political environment for women and girls to assert and enjoy their rights.

Alarmed by continued violation of women’s and girls’ rights and exposure of women and girls to discrimination and exploitation; Now therefore solemnly declare and commit to act towards advancing, in different and innovative ways, the provisions of Section 56 of the Constitution on Equality and non -discrimination: I will read, understand and use the Constitution to demand, assert and enjoy my rights and support women and girls in my life to assert and
enjoy their rights. I will promote equality and non- discrimination in all areas of my life. I will share information about women’s rights and gender equality provisions as provided for in the Constitution.

I will advocate for Full recognition of Unregistered Customary Law Unions. All relevant pieces of legislation must state the minimum age of marriage is 18. I will take action to promote women’s Equal access, control and ownership of land and natural resources I will contribute to initiatives for women’s access to energy that is clean, affordable, reliable , sustainable and modern. I will actively participate in advocacy for accessible, affordable, acceptable and responsive healthcare for women. I will work with other stakeholders to ensure women and girls access and complete primary, secondary and tertiary education, free from all forms of abuse.

I will advocate for a monetary and fiscal policy that responds to the rights of women to access finance and productive resources, particularly for women in rural areas and the informal sector. I will participate in local governance processes to ensure effective delivery of basic rights to public services for women such as adequate housing, clean-portable water and food.

I will speak out and not tolerate any form of violation of women and girls rights. I will stand firm and act for parity in representation and parity in participation in non-violent, transparent and accountable electoral processes. I will stand up for media that promotes women’s voice, dignity, and influence to positively shape public opinion. I contribute to action for women’s full participation and inclusion in conflict prevention, peace building, security sector transformation and conflict resolution.

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