Anybody Who Looks/Dresses Different.
United States of America

Alright, So. I'm What You Would Call "Gothic" And Day By Day, I Get Told At School That I Can't Wear Clothes With "Chains" Or "Skulls" Which Is Completely Ridiculous When People Can Walk Around In DISGUSTINGLY Inappropriate Clothing/Attire And People Think it's Cute Because They're Not A Threat.

I Think That Schools/Work/Community Should Not Make Us Change Who We Are, But Yet Let People Walk Around With Their Body Parts Showing Just Because They Are "Socially Acceptable".

People Need To Realize That They Cannot Keep Up With This. Cops Can't Single Us Out..That's Discrimination. And That's Going Against The Constitution.

When People Ask Us Why We Dress The Way We Dress, Realize, We Could Ask The Exact Same Thing.

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