#Human Rights
UNHCR, UN, Eu Union president.

Iranian former political prisoner, Ruhollah Mosharzadeh and his wife Mrs. Ahmadi are being deported back to Iran. Swedish authorities have rejected the refugee claimants request to remain in Sweden as asylum seekers. Ruhollah Mosharzadeh is a well known political activist. He was arrested for the first time in 1986, serving almost a decade in Iranian prisons, he was conditionally released.

Finally last year he was threatened to be eliminated by the Iranian security goons. He decided to leave behind his beloved homeland. Crossing all hurdles along the way,he has managed to arrive in Sweden with his wife Mrs. Ahmadi.

Your excellencies:

We the undersigned would like to respectfully bring to your attention that the deportation of refugee claimants Mr. Ruhollah Mosharzadeh and Mrs. Sakineh Ahmadi will most certainly result in their executions in Iran.

The fact that this couple have succeeded to arrive in Sweden in search of a reasonable life of peace and harmony is a blessing. After all they have encountered in the past 25 years, we could only emphasize from our past experiences that the return of asylum seekers, especially the ones with a history of activism against the establishment of Islamic republic of Iran could only mean one thing, and that is being convicted to death.

Please support Iranian activists at the worst time in their country's modern history.

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