#Human Rights
Swedish Parliament

The Islamic regime's atrocities against the Arab population of Iran (estimated but never acknowledged by the regime to be 9,000,000 in Khuzestan) started with the regime's struggle to counter the 1979 revolution. Barbaric attacks against the Arab population's democratic, social, and cultural institutions -- which were the democratic promise of the revolution -- led to many dead or executed, tortured and jailed, a situation that reached unprecedented heights with the invasion of Iraq and has continued to the day.

The Ahmadinejad government's cynical plan to de-Arabaize strategically and economically important areas of Khuzestan -- which led to an uprising in 2005 and its bloody suppression, the Arab Spring and Iranian Arab peoples' demonstrations in support of the Arab revolutions, and the silent continuation of heinous and inhuman discriminatory policies, have led to confrontations between the honorable and impoverished Arab population of Iran and the regime of Islamic thugs and thieves.

This struggle has created a vast core of political activists which the regime desperately tries to eliminate. Only during the past few weeks, more than 250 Ahwazi Arabs were arrested on bogus charges, many homes were demolished, and 15-year-old Morteza Al-Soweidi, who only opposed the demolition of the family home, was shot in the head and killed by the thugs of the Ayatollah. The protests of the Arab population, as well as their oppression and discrimination against them, have continued and will continue.

Qasem Fartoosi is an activist from the Iranian Arab movement struggling against the Islamic regime of murder and torture, and therefore deserves protection based on his activities in Iran and in Sweden. According to the United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, his threatened deportation is another clear violation of the principle of non-refoulement.

To the honorable members of the Swedish Parliament:

While Iranian Arabs are being rounded up and arrested by the hundreds;

While reading and writing in Arabic, the mother tongue of 9,000,000 Iranian Arabs, may bring a death sentence against ordinary Arab citizens;

While only in the past month more than 250 Arab citizens were arrested in Ahwaz based on bogus charges and in many cases no charges at all;

While the bodies of tortured and murdered Arab activists are being fished out of the Karoon River on regular basis;

The Migration office under Mr. Billström once again is trying hard to deport an Ahwazi Arab activist, very well known to the Islamic regime in Iran for his activities in Iran and here in Sweden.

Mr. Billström has once previously tried to deport Qasem and failed due to the humanity of the airline pilot, who took pity on Qasem being beaten and mishandled by 6 police officers.

We the undersigned would like to draw your attention to the dire consequences of Qasem's successful deportation to the hands of the Islamic regime.

Please join us in questioning the handling of Qasem's case by the Migration Office, and contribute to revising official opinion on his case, especially in the light of Qasem's sur place activities against the Islamic regime of Iran.

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